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Last Updated: May 21, 2020

Software Development Academy

Locations: Online, Arad, Białystok, Bratislava, Bucharest, Bydgoszcz +34 More
Courses: Data Science - Romania, Java - Romania, JavaScript - Romania, +58 More
Subjects: .NET, Back-End Web Development, C, C#, C++ +10 More
Available Online
Available Online

Software Development Academy is the first programming academy in Poland and the largest in the CEE offering training profiled for the needs of the ICT market. SDA offers Java, .NET, JavaScript, C, C#, Python, PHP, HTML and C++ courses in the evening or extra-mural mode.The proprietary education program... Read More

Trainers at SDA are genuine practitioners with years of experience in their trade, and have teaching skills as well. Students are expected to have the ability of analytical and logical thinking, motivation and involvement, availability, teamwork and English skills.

Software Development Academy is also a reliable partner in upskilling, reskilling and recruitment processes of entire teams. By combining technological and industry knowledge, SDA trainings provide companies with unique value, increasing employee efficiency and stimulating business development.

Coders Lab

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Locations: Online, Bucharest, Krakow, Madrid, Pristina, Vienna +1 More
Courses: Automatic Tester, Java Developer, JavaScript Developer, +2 More
Subjects: .NET, Back-End Web Development, C#, Java, JavaScript +8 More

Ready for a change? Here's how you can get into IT, having yet no experience at all. Understanding what paths are available for you can help you navigate your first steps as you begin your career in IT. Not sure where to start? Coders Lab is here to help you!

Coders Lab, established in 2013 in Poland,... Read More

If you have the dedication and motivation to learn, succeed and strive for improvement, then gaining new skills with us will be perfect for you. Our courses are 90% focused on practical skills. Theoretical knowledge is limited to the necessary minimum. During the course, you will learn coding from scratch by working on projects and gaining practical skills. You will create some authentic projects that will constitute the basis of your portfolio and showcase for the labor market. The door to the IT world will be opened to you and you will be able to work on advanced projects for large corporations.

To ensure your success we hire experienced developers with a passion for coding and gear you in the best tools for remote learning. Each of the teachers is verified in terms of their knowledge and the ability to share it with others. We guarantee the best training staff who will help you take your first steps in the coding world. Our diplomas have gained recognition among representatives of the IT industry.

The course includes a few stages: prework (about 60h of self-study to acquire some basic knowledge), group classes led by trainers in the Virtual Classroom, Self-study workshops, exams, and final projects. During all those stages you will be supervised by our tutors. In case of any questions, they will be there for you and help you in your personal development. Take your career path to the next level and join our course.

The world of IT offers a variety of career paths in diverse industries. It’s never too late to change your life and gain new experiences, however, it’s always better to learn under the watchful eyes of experts in the field. Start your adventure with IT and learn to code with Coders Lab from any place you want. So what are you waiting for? Check the online handbooks on our website and learn more about why Coders Lab is a great option for your next move.

Mobile Academy

Locations: Bucharest
Courses: Android Essentials, Automated Testing for Mobile, Building Mobile applications with web technologies (Ionic + Angular 2), +1 More
Subjects: Android, App Development, iOS, Mobile

MobileAcademy.ro is one of the first mobile development training companies in Romania.
We’re providing iOS, Android, User Experience, Product and Marketing hands-on courses and insights from our experience, that you won’t get in any online course.

Wild Code School

Locations: Online, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Biarritz, Bordeaux +13 More
Courses: Full-time Cybersecurity Analyst, Full-time Data Analyst, Full-time Web Developer, +3 More
Subjects: Coding, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Data Science, Data Visualization +6 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Available Online
Flexible Classes

Wild Code school offers 5-month web development training courses in 17 locations throughout Europe. The course is designed to teach students in-demand digital skills through a blended learning approach using a combination of online learning, in-person work, and hands-on projects where students master... Read More

Wild Code School is open to everyone, and no prior coding knowledge is needed to apply. Individuals interested in joining the program will need to complete a series of exercises on the school’s online platform, Odyssey, followed by an in-person interview at the campus of their choice.

Post graduation, students will receive job placement assistance from Wild Code School, including interview prep with partner companies, HR advice, and job training. Wild Code School reports that 87% graduates are employed one year after graduation.


No reviews
Locations: Online
Courses: Java Beginners Online + Trainer

Jademy is the first coding bootcamp in Bucharest, Romania.

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