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Last Updated: September 28, 2020

School of IT

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Locations: Online, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Johannesburg, London
Courses: Web Development Course, SQL Course, Graphic Design Course, +6 More
Subjects: C#, C++, CSS, Data Structures, Database Design +16 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Available Online
Flexible Classes

We provide exclusive IT training in South Africa and abroad - specializing in programming ,web, sql, graphic design, pc engineering, autocad and so much more!

Online training 1:1 - You get assigned a lecturer, who can interact with not only you, but your computer, software and code as though he/she is... Read More

We believe in the practical approach to IT.

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Exceed yourself and become the best software developer!


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Locations: Online, Cape Town, Johannesburg
Courses: Data Science Bootcamp, Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp, Software Engineering Bootcamp, +2 More
Subjects: Android, C#, C++, Coding, CSS +14 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Available Online
Flexible Classes

Hyperion Development assists students with every step of their career change, via dedicated mentors who review all work and code within 48 hours. Hyperion offers 3 to 6 months online bootcamps, as well as shorter courses.


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Locations: Cape Town, Johannesburg
Courses: Software Engineering
Subjects: Web Development

WeThinkCode_ is a tuition-free 2-year programming bootcamp in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Students will have the chance to learn how to use coding as a tool to solve problems in a peer-to-peer environment. Developed by French Ecole 42, the curriculum allows students gain skills applicable to game and... Read More

Although no prior coding experience is needed, students are required to attend a hands-on 4-week coding bootcamp before admittance to the 2-year course in Software Engineering. During the program, students will gain 8-months work-experience through internships at partnered tech companies.
***Developing Africa’s Digital Talent***

WeThinkCode_ is a revolutionary tech university dedicated to deliver South Africa’s human potential and meet the increasing demand for software engineering skills. WeThinkCode_ has a campus in Johannesburg with 320 students and will be opening a Cape Town campus in 2018.

*Finding and training future tech talent*
Democratising education by making it open and accessible to all talented young people (17-35 years), WeThinkCode_ sources high potential software engineers regardless of previous education, financial means or socio-economic background. Through an innovative online application process, we source top talent from all backgrounds.

At WeThinkCode_ there are no teachers, no classes, and students learn through a peer-to-peer problem solving environment. In partnership with world-class institution Ecole 42 (based in Paris and Silicon Valley), WeThinkCode_ trains young minds to become software engineers that think differently and are equipped with skills to thrive in the digital era.

*Partnering with companies looking for tech skills*
Tuition-free, our two-year course is sponsored by companies looking to thrive in the digital economy and secure their tech talent pipelines. Corporate partners provide financial support, skills development and a path to employment for students. In return, students pledge to complete two 4-month internships with corporate sponsors and work for the sponsor at the end of their studies. Corporate sponsorship is R150,000 per student, which covers the 2-year course.

Find out more about WeThinkCode_:
2018 applications are now open:
Watch the #ReCodeYourFuture video:
Meet our WeThinkCoders_ video:


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Locations: Cape Town
Courses: Learn to Code
Subjects: Web Development

codeX is a one-year, full-time coding program in Cape Town, South Africa that trains and places bright young talent as software developers.

Students learn practical skills that the tech industry demands. The program is self-paced and focuses on giving students the tools to needed learn any coding language,... Read More

The codeX team helps students with their CV, LinkedIn profile, interview skills, and arranges interviews with employers looking for new talent. Plus, graduates will receive job placement at a top local company that aligns with the student's interests and ambitions.

codeX aims to solve two of Africa’s major challenges: youth unemployment and a critical programming skills gap. They find, train, and place young developer talent in great entry-level jobs and ensure they have the solid foundation they need to build long-term digital careers.

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