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Last Updated: October 22, 2019
2020 best coding bootcamp

Located under the shadow of Mount Hood, Portland is recognized as one of the most environmentally conscious cities in the world due to its farm-to-table dining, public transportation options, large community of cyclists, and numerous public parks. The city is also home to Silicon Forest, a cluster of tech companies in the greater Portland area, with a history dating as far back as the 1940s. Featuring flexible courses in data science, web development, and data analytics, as well as guaranteed job placement, The Tech Academy is the highest rated in the area. Epicodus and Alchemy Code Lab offer courses in software and web development.

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1. The Tech Academy

4.83/5 (316 Reviews)
Locations: Online, Portland
Courses: Full-Time Software Developer Boot Camp, Full-Time Python Developer Boot Camp, Full-Time C# and .NET Framework Boot Camp, +18 More
Subjects: .NET, Agile, Android, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC +31 More
Available Online
Verified Outcomes
Flexible Classes
Available Online
Verified Outcomes
Flexible Classes

The Tech Academy’s Software Developer bootcamp prepares students to become junior developers and assists with job-seeking. Participants can study entirely online, attend classes in person, or do a mix of both. The program is self-paced and offers open-enrollment, so students can start whenever and work full- or part-time.

2. Epicodus

4.81/5 (160 Reviews)
Locations: Online, Portland, Seattle
Courses: Intro to Programming (part-time evening), C# and React, Ruby and React, +1 More
Subjects: .NET, Angular, AngularJS, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC +26 More
Available Online
Verified Outcomes
Flexible Classes
Available Online
Verified Outcomes
Flexible Classes

Epicodus coding bootcamp in Portland, Oregon offers courses in website development and mobile applications with part-time and full-time options. Students can benefit from the program’s career services, which helps coach students through their job search, including interview preparation and portfolio assessments; students may continue to access career services for one year after graduating.

2020 Best Portland Bootcamps received an average 4.82 of 5 based on 476 reviews.

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Available Online

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Verified Outcomes

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Flexible Classes

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GI Bill

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