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By: The SwitchUp Team
Last Updated: September 21, 2020
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As one of the world’s most heavily funded tech sectors and a strong presence in fintech, AI, and clean energy, London remains a global leader in the industry. The city is also home to The Alan Turing Institute, the national institute for data science and artificial intelligence. The city attracts some of the best data scientists in the world and offers top-rated data science bootcamps for those looking to break into the field.

We’ve compiled a rankings list of the best data science bootcamps in London, based on student reviews, to help prospective students choose which bootcamp is right for them. Since 2014, SwitchUp has been a trusted resource for students considering data science bootcamps. Our list of the best data science bootcamps in London include programs that earned at least 4 out of 5 stars on average with at least 5 student reviews.

For more information on our methodology, click here, or continue reading to find out about career opportunities for data scientists in London. For more options, see our list of the Best Coding Bootcamps or the Best Online Coding Bootcamps.

1. Cambridge Spark Ltd

/5 (based on 0 reviews of London Data Science Programs)
(based on 0 reviews of London Data Science Programs)
Locations: Cambridge, London
Courses: Applied Data Science
Subjects: Data Science, Hadoop, Machine Learning, Python
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Available Online
Flexible Classes

Cambridge Spark Ltd has a location in London and offers bootcamp courses in areas of data science and artificial intelligence, providing students instruction in the tools and technologies of the disciplines. The program is designed for companies and organizations in the technology sector seeking to train employees in programming, data analytics and science, and machine learning. Each bootcamp immerses... Read More

2021 Best London Data Science Bootcamps received an average 4.74 of 5 based on 39 reviews.

Job Outlook for Data Science Bootcamp Graduates in London

What is the job outlook for data scientists in London?

The tech job market in London, as in every other city around the world, has seen dramatic swings in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in late summer the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, a professional organization for UK-based recruitment specialists, reported that the job market was bouncing back quickly. Specifically, among thousands of new tech jobs appearing on employment boards, there was a notable increase in ads for IT professionals as more and more organizations realized the significant role tech has and will play in the global economic recovery. Additionally, the banking and finance industry—perhaps the most significant industry in London in terms of employment opportunities—continued its trend of hiring more in-house tech professionals. Ultimately, data scientists who possess in-demand skills should remain confident in their ability to land lucrative and fulfilling job openings.

What is the average salary for data scientists in London?

In general, annual salaries for experienced data scientists in London tend to exceed national averages, sometimes by as much as roughly 15%. For example, the average salary for a data scientist in London is £63,673 per year, which is 16% above the national average. Entry-level data analysts, however, are earning salaries comparable to national averages of £35,000 to £55,000.

What companies hire data scientists in London?

While many business sectors contribute to London's economy, none is more dominant than banking and financial services. However, there are many other fast-growing industries emerging in the region, and virtually all of them are technology-based. These include life insurance, CRM systems, language learning, peer-to-peer lending, and more.

Thus, data scientists in London may find themselves working for large and well-known organizations like Google, Salesforce, Equal Experts, and SAP, or they may prefer to go to work in one of the city's many small startups, such as Moneybox, Lendable, Hubble, Attest, PolyAI, Forward Health, Feast It, and Residently. For example, at PlayStation Europe, part of a corporation with more than 5,000 employees, data scientists leverage data and inform decision-making regarding the company's many gaming products. Similarly, at Harnham, a private equity firm with less than 100 employees, data scientists work with machine learning and artificial intelligence to drive the performance of portfolio companies.

SwitchUp Rankings Methodology

SwitchUp's rankings are based on over 20,000 reviews from verified students and alumni, across over 500 bootcamps in operation. Because student and alumni feedback and ratings are indicative of bootcamp quality, rankings are ordered by review score. The order of the ranking is based on data at the time of publishing, but the ratings and review counts will change as more reviews come in.

To be considered for the 2021 rankings, bootcamps must help students land jobs in tech through excellent instructor support, curriculum, and career resources; each review left on SwitchUp evaluates the bootcamp on all of these aspects.

All bootcamps considered for the Best London Data Science ranking were required to meet the following criteria at the time of publication:

  • Offer an immersive or part-time Data Science program in London
  • Have at least 5 verified reviews of Data Science programs in London
  • For those London Data Science program reviews, average at least 4/5 stars

Please see our full ranking methodology to see requirements for other rankings.

Bootcamp Highlights

Looking for a school with specific qualities? We've awarded merit badges to schools in several key areas:

Available Online

Offer either part-time or immersive courses that are available online. This includes courses that are offered temporarily online due to COVID-19.

Verified Outcomes

Offer a job outcomes report that was independently verified by a third-party auditor.

Flexible Classes

Offer self-paced, part-time, or evening classes.

Job Guarantee

Offer guaranteed job placement after graduation, or the student's tuition is refunded. Visit the official school site for related terms and conditions.

GI Bill

Approved to accept GI Bill funds according to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

VET TEC Provider

Approved as a VET TEC Provider according to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.


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