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Last Updated: January 10, 2020

Apps development is simply developing useful applications for computing and internet devices. They typically use objective C, C++, Python and Java. Broadly, apps apply to nearly all aspects on the internet. An application can be anything from a flight simulation to a tax spreadsheet. Application Development means any kind of app, but "Apps Development" usually means apps for mobile devices. What you may learn in courses related to apps include cross platform development, interconnectivity, systems integration and end user experience analysis.

Careers in Application Development typically specialize. One quickly growing area of specializations is mobile apps for smartphones, tablets and other small devices. The future of computing looks increasingly characterized by the integration of portability and the internet of things, so apps development is an assured future.  There are a myriad of possible careers in developing applications. As mobile devices become ever more complex, specializing in mobile apps means enhanced job possibilities far into the future. According to glassdoor, average salaries for mobile app developers is $71,603. BLS projects a very healthy 21% increase in apps development occupations over the next ten years.

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