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Last Updated: January 10, 2020

First released in 2011, Laravel is a web application framework that greatly facilitates development by making common tasks in the majority of web projects much easier, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching. Its framework code is written in PHP, so those seeking further education in Laravel should already have some knowledge of this computer language. A class in Laravel teaches students important web development concepts as well as how to build advanced websites using this framework.

A bootcamp in Laravel will be of great benefit to those pursuing a career as a web developer. In 2018, web developers earned a median wage of $69,430. Employment in this field is projected to increase 13% by 2028, which is well above the average growth in many other fields.

SwitchUp is an online platform that helps students find a technology, data science, or coding bootcamp that will prepare them for a career in the technology sector. The bootcamps below cover all the important aspects of Laravel. Those interested in a bootcamp should check to make sure it teaches the latest version.

Locations: Online
Courses: Developer Career Program - Day Class, Developer Career Program - Part -Time/Night Class
Subjects: Back-End Web Development, Bootstrap, CSS, Express.js, Front-End Web Development +14 More

Zuitt Coding Bootcamp is a globally competitive startup offering 8-week full time and 24-week part-time Web Development coding bootcamps in a live online format. Zuitt aims to bridge the gap between education and employment qualifications, helping individuals land developer jobs or relaunch careers in the tech industry. The bootcamps are done via online-live instruction, which promotes guided learning and hands-on training. For convenience, the bootcamps can be taken day or night to accommodate students and...
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Locations: Online
Courses: Data Science Program, Full Stack Web Development Program
Subjects: Algorithms, AWS, Data Structures, DevOps, Django +15 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes

TECH I.S. is an immersive online programming Bootcamp, which helps students establish a strong programming foundation and launch their careers as software engineers. The curriculum is designed in a way that allows even complete beginners to become proficient and job-ready. Our Web Development and Data Science programs can be completed over a period of 3-6 months. The Curriculum is comprehensive and we take a hands-on, learn by doing approach, where students build their portfolios with...
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Locations: Bristol
Courses: Coding Fellowship Bootcamp (Full-time or Part-time)
Subjects: API, App Development, AWS, CSS, Database Design +14 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes

Develop Me has a comprehensive, project-driven, software development bootcamp with a focus on the web stack (JavaScript, React, Redux, PHP, Laravel, HTML, CSS, TDD, Git, AWS...). Students learn the technologies, tools, processes and skills they need to embark on a career as a Software Engineer – whilst putting together a portfolio of real world project work and making some great connections along the way. The Coding Fellowship can be undertaken in an intensive full-time programme...
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Locations: Beirut
Courses: Foundations of Computer Science, Full Stack Web Development
Subjects: Algorithms, Bash, Bootstrap, CSS, Data Structures +13 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes

SE Factory is Lebanon’s leading non-profit coding bootcamp, teaching young computer science graduates the skills they need to become highly employable professional software engineers. SE Factory's registration fee is subsidized, making it accessible for students from various socioeconomic backgrounds.
Locations: Belfast, Brighton, Bristol, Dublin, Edinburgh +7 More
Courses: UK - Software Engineering, Italy - Web Development
Subjects: A/B Testing, API, Computer Science Fundamentals, CSS, Database Management +12 More

Boolean is an international tech academy based in the UK and Italy. They transform career switchers who are completely new to coding into junior full stack web developers. The program is a fully-online, 6 month, 700 hour, full time software development course. Students attend live lessons and practicals every day, Monday to Friday, from 9.30am to 6pm.

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Locations: Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Paris
Courses: Code & Go, Dev & Go
Subjects: AngularJS, Apache, Bash, C, C++ +18 More

The Coding Academy is developped by Epitech the French IT leader University , founded in Paris 16 years ago . With a new learning approach that has revolutionised a sector of IT teaching. By putting self-study at the centre of the learning process, by highlighting team work and the creative resolution of the projects to be undertaken, by moving away from traditional lessons in favour of coaching and personalised learning, Epitech has formed a new...
Locations: Lexington
Courses: Web Developer Bootcamp
Subjects: Agile, CSS, Git, Heroku, HTML +6 More

Awesome Inc was founded on the basis of the "give-first" mentality. Awesome Inc started in 2009 and has grown to be the epicenter for anything related to technology or business. We strive to make Lexington and Central Kentucky a better place to live and work. Awesome Inc U is our coding school, serving both adult and youth learners. We have helped over 2100 people learn to code. Spring '22 Application Deadline: December 10, 2021 Awesome...
Locations: Online
Courses: Full-Time, Full Stack Web Development Boot Camp, Part-Time, Data Analytics and Visualization Boot Camp, Part-Time, Digital Marketing Boot Camp, +2 More
Subjects: Adobe XD, CSS, Data Analytics, Data Science, Data Visualization +23 More

UCF Boot Camps offer part-time and full-time web development courses, and part-time data analytics, digital marketing, and UX/UI courses. The full stack curriculum includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Express.js, Node.js, databases, MongoDB, MySQL, and Git. The data curriculum includes programming in Excel, Python, R programming, JavaScript charting, HTML/CSS, API interactions, SQL, Tableau, fundamental statistics, machine learning, and more. Enjoy close collaboration with other professionals while receiving hands-on experience. The digital marketing curriculum covers highly...
Locations: Miami
Courses: Cyber Security Network Technician, Web Developer
Subjects: AJAX, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Career Coaching, CSS +28 More

TechLaunch’s Web Developer and Cyber Security Network Technician programs are 9-month bootcamps in Miami, FL designed to turn beginners into professionals. Whether you want to become a full stack web developers or a certified Security & Network Tech, our programs are designed so that students can continue to work while they learn. In our Web Development program, students will learn front-end web development, including basic HTML5, CSS#, Bootstrap, Material Design, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS, Font...
Locations: Online
Courses: Full Stack Web Development (Online) Part-Time, Full-Time, Full Stack Web Development Boot Camp, Part-Time, Cybersecurity Boot Camp, +6 More
Subjects: Agile, Algorithms, Blockchain, Bootstrap, Command Line +33 More

University of Denver Boot Camps are 12-week, full-time, or 24-week, part-time web development, UX/UI, data analytics, financial technology, and cybersecurity courses, and 18-week, part-time digital marketing, and product management courses. The full stack curriculum includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Express.js, Node.js, databases, MongoDB, MySQL, and Git. The UX/UI program provides hands-on training in user-centric design research, design thinking, visual prototyping and wireframing, interface design, storyboarding, visual design theory, web prototyping with HTML5 and CSS,...

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