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Location: Online, Singapore

Rocket Academy is a 6-month live and online coding bootcamp that trains software engineers for job placements in Singapore. With instructor experience from Facebook to Alibaba, Stanford to General Assembly, you will be placed in Singapore's highest-calibre... Read More


Coding Basics

Cost: Free
Duration: 6 weeks
Locations: Online, Singapore
In-person Available Online
Course Description:

Intro to Coding. SWE101 is a 6-week part-time course to help students learn the basics of coding and decide whether a SWE career is for them. SWE101 is a pre-requisite for SWE1.

Using simple examples and fun games, you will learn the basics of how to make a piece of software, starting from basic data operations to functions, conditionals, loops, and data structures. To finish, you’ll build your own small card game!

Our curriculum covers the same structures that are present in almost every other programming language used today. At the end of this course you’ll have the conceptual basis to begin learning how to build real-world software projects on your own.

This course is taught in JavaScript, currently the world’s most popular language, according to Stack Overflow.

We will be using JavaScript as the jumping off point to explore what software is and how it works by making some simple games.

The focus of this course is hands-on practice in the basic constructions of software. You'll learn about how to think programmatically and how to translate generalised ideas about program behaviour into running code.

You’ll be asked to watch some videos at your own pace, begin some code challenges, then get feedback during meetings and one-on-ones with your instructors and peers. If you get stuck, someone will be available to help you every day.

At the end of this course you should have enough of an understanding of what programming is so that you can create some basic programs on your own, and use this knowledge as a basis to learn to build bigger more complex programs, and learn other technologies.

JavaScript, Data Structures, Coding

Coding Bootcamp

Cost: 4,999
Duration: 24 weeks
Locations: Online, Singapore
In-person Available Online
Course Description:

SWE1 is a 6-month full-time or 12-month part-time course to help students learn the foundational concepts of SWE and get a job as a SWE.

SWE1 is led by former SWEs and instructors from Facebook, Stanford, and General Assembly. Graduates work as SWEs at companies such as GovTech and Glints.

SWE1 is the only bootcamp in Singapore where career coaching is led by SWEs. Students will engage in live Q&As with SWEs from industry to better understand job expectations, and drill SWE interview prep to prepare for common interview questions.

Students will learn the foundations of SWE through building computer applications from scratch. The course progresses from vanilla technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JS, to advanced frontend and backend frameworks used by tech companies to create everyday products such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. By the end of the series, students will have built an impressive portfolio they can use to get interviews with Rocket Academy’s network of over 100 hiring partners.

Students can expect to learn foundations of frontend (generally the look and feel or an app), backend (generally the logic and data manipulation in an app), cloud infrastructure (the machines on which our code runs and their configuration), data structures and algorithms (ways to manipulate data, crucial for interviews), advanced topics (mobile, data science, computer systems), and SWE best practices (naming, decomposition, code review, testing/CI, linters).

SWE1 is project-based, and each course’s material builds on the last. Students will need to complete projects for each course before progressing to the next. There will be a mix of individual and group projects.

SWE1 runs a “flipped classroom” model, where students learn material before class, then clarify knowledge and do exercises during class. Instructors and peers will be available on Slack to answer questions.

At the end of SWE1, students will have a portfolio of projects to show employers, and Rocket Academy will work with students to polish their resumes, portfolios, and interview skills to maximise job opportunities.

Tuition: SGD$4,999

CSS, HTML, AJAX, MVC, GraphQL, API, Redux, React.js, SQL, REST, Coding

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Meng Ern
Graduated: 2021


SWE101: Intro to Coding



Job Support

"Awesome Instructors, Experience & Content for SWE101"

I attended this bootcamp in the hopes of getting an introduction to JavaScript, however, picked up alot more than just language syntax. The applications of SWE101 due to the projects & content leads one to think of programming from first-principles first... Read More

Official Response from Rocket Academy

Thank you for the support Jerome! Looking forward to our SWE1 journey together!

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