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Last Updated: October 23, 2019

The most populous city in North Carolina, and the second largest in the southeastern United States, Charlotte is a major commercial hub in the state, as well as one of the countries fastest growing metro areas. As a home to corporate headquarters for Bank of America, and east coast operations for Wells Fargo, Charlotte has been the second largest banking center in the U.S. since 1995. These financial employers, as well as the beaches, skylines, and low cost of housing and living, have made this city an attractive destination for a multitude of tech workers...ReadMore

In the last decade, the area has grown significantly, adding 7,400 jobs in custom programming and system design services, as well as experiencing nearly 700% growth in software publishing employment. In 2018, Computing Technology Industry Association ranked Charlotte as the top city for technology professionals to live and work in its annual Tech Town Index, and second on Forbes’ list of Best Places for Businesses and Careers. Beyond job growth, venture funding in North Carolina based startups has gone up 157% to $2.57 billion.

With 44,464 IT jobs posted in the area in 2018 alone, there are more positions available than there are people to fill them. If you’re considering starting a tech career in Charlotte, the city has several local bootcamps to kick-off your tech education. Courses in development, both web and mobile, are available through UNC Charlotte Boot Camps and IBG Institute. Level, another local bootcamp, focuses on data analytics, and Tech Talent South offers flexible immersion courses for those interested in web design and creation.

Learn More: SwitchUp has compiled hundreds of verified alumni reviews that range from 1 to 5 stars for these courses. Our comprehensive guide to Charlotte will help you kick start your research. Be sure to checkout all the individual reviews, photos, and community discussions before making your decision.

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