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Last Updated: September 28, 2020

We Can Code IT

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Locations: Online
Courses: Cybersecurity Analyst Bootcamp, Data Analyst Bootcamp, Full-Time Remote Coding Bootcamp, +5 More
Subjects: .NET, Agile, API, C#, CSS +17 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Accepts GI Bill
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Accepts GI Bill

We Can Code IT (WCCI) is a full-stack software development bootcamp with physical campuses in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, and a virtual campus that spans nationwide. WCCI offers PreSkill and ReSkill Programs.

Their PreSkill program is offered in-person or remotely and is designed to bolster the confidence... Read More

The Reskill full-stack coding bootcamp program is offered in both C# and Java as a 14-week, in-person or remote program or a 22-week part-time remote program.

Both programs cover Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, MVC, Agile Methodologies, Test Driven Development (TDD), GitHub, ORMs and more.

We Can Code IT prepares students for software development careers with their Career Advancement program, which helps students with career development from day one.

Founded by award winning, 25-year software engineering veteran Mel McGee, We Can Code IT's mission is to champion social equity through technology.

Grants and scholarships are available to help pay for all WCCI programs.


Locations: Online, Albuquerque, Athens, Atlanta, Aurora, Austin +87 More
Courses: Back End, SQL, DevOps w/Python Bootcamp, Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Front End Web and Mobile Development, +3 More
Subjects: Angular, Bootstrap, CSS, Express.js, HTML +9 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Available Online
Flexible Classes

Nucamp is a coding bootcamp that offers part-time, online programs, including Back End, SQL, DevOps with Python (16 weeks); Front End Web & Mobile Development (17 weeks); and Full Stack Web & Mobile Development (22 weeks). Nucamp also offers a 4-week introduction bootcamp that covers the fundamentals... Read More

Grand Circus

Locations: Detroit, Grand Rapids
Courses: C# .NET After-Hours Bootcamp, C# .NET Bootcamp, Front-End After-Hours Bootcamp, +2 More
Subjects: .NET, A/B Testing, AngularJS, C#, CSS +8 More

Grand Circus is a learning institute that teaches high-demand technology skills and connects the region’s employers to exceptional talent. Our 12-and 26-week software developer bootcamps produce graduates with the latest technical knowledge and soft skills required to thrive in the region’s growing tech... Read More

MSU Boot Camps

No reviews
Locations: Online
Courses: Part-Time, Cybersecurity Boot Camp, Part-Time, Data Analytics Boot Camp, Part-Time, Digital Marketing Boot Camp, +1 More
Subjects: Content Marketing, Cryptography, CSS, Cyber Security, Data Analytics +28 More

Michigan State University (MSU) Boot Camps are 24-week, part-time web development, data analytics, and cybersecurity courses, and an 18-week, part-time digital marketing course. The full stack curriculum includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Express.js, Node.js, databases, MongoDB, MySQL,... Read More

The data curriculum includes programming in Excel, Python, R programming, JavaScript charting, HTML/CSS, API interactions, SQL, Tableau, fundamental statistics, machine learning, and more. Enjoy close collaboration with other professionals while receiving hands-on experience.

The digital marketing curriculum covers highly relevant skills, training you in marketing strategy fundamentals, optimizing campaigns and websites, digital advertising and automation strategy, and more. You will get hands-on experience with tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, and Wordpress.

The cybersecurity curriculum offers hands-on training in networking, systems, web technologies, databases, and defensive and offensive cybersecurity.

Applicants do not need programming experience to enroll, but once admitted, all students will complete a pre-course tutorial. As the programs are part-time, MSU Boot Camps are designed for working professionals and students who are actively pursuing a career change or advancement or looking to gain a new skill set.

Throughout the 24-week boot camp, students have access to career-planning services, portfolio review, demo days, and recruiting advice. Graduates will receive a certificate of completion from MSU’s College of Engineering and will have a portfolio of projects demonstrating a working knowledge of web development, data analytics, or digital marketing, or skills applicable to certifications in cybersecurity.

MSU Boot Camps are powered by Trilogy Education Services, a 2U, Inc. brand.

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