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By: The SwitchUp Team
Last Updated: September 21, 2020
2021 best online bootcamps

What are employers looking for in web design job candidates? In short, a combination of contemporary, creative concepts and modern technological abilities. For aspiring web designers who’d like to develop portfolios that reflect their style as well as their expertise in graphic design programs like Sketch and front-end languages such as CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, an online web design bootcamp is ideal. Bootcamp students will develop the real-world skills needed to land the best web design jobs available today. 

SwitchUp has been evaluating online web design bootcamps since 2014, and we’ve become a trusted resource in helping people find the best bootcamps to meet their needs. Every program on our ranked list of online web design bootcamps, below, has been thoroughly reviewed by at least 10 students. Only reviews that have earned at least 4 out of 5 stars have made the list. Click here to see our full methodology or discover more information about web design education and careers here.

1. Design Sprint School

4.87/5 (based on 15 reviews of Online Web Design Programs)
(based on 15 reviews of Online Web Design Programs)
Locations: Online
Courses: Live Online Design Sprint Experience, Online Bootcamp (self-paced)
Subjects: Design Sprint, User Research, UX, UX Design, UX Testing
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Available Online
Flexible Classes

Web design courses at Design Sprint School are online-based programs for students interested in understanding Google Ventures and MVS Design Sprints. Courses can be completed in as little as two months with a self-paced format for anyone who is looking to master the program.

2. UX Design Institute

4.78/5 (based on 49 reviews of Online Web Design Programs)
(based on 49 reviews of Online Web Design Programs)
Locations: Online
Courses: Certificate in Software and Coding Fundamentals for UX, Professional Certificate in UI Design, Professional Diploma in UX Design
Subjects: Design Principles, UI Design, UX Design
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Available Online
Flexible Classes

The UX Design Institute offers online bootcamps in UX design and visual (UI) design. The six-month UX design bootcamp requires students to commit to at least five hours of work a week and awards graduates a professional diploma in the discipline upon completion. The specialist course in visual design awards a professional certificate and is completed in three months, with students participating at... Read More

3. CareerFoundry

5.0/5 (based on 10 reviews of Online Web Design Programs)
(based on 10 reviews of Online Web Design Programs)
Locations: Online, Berlin
Courses: Animation for UI Designers, Frontend Development for Designers, Intro to UI Design, +5 More
Subjects: Angular, API, Big Data, Bootstrap, CSS +30 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Job Guarantee
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Job Guarantee

CareerFoundry offers remote bootcamps in UI and UX design that students can complete remotely on a flexible schedule. Both bootcamps can be completed full-time, with a minimum of 30 hours of work a week, or part-time, with a minimum of 15 study hours a week. Classes are taught by mentors who each have experience in the UX/UI design industry. Throughout each bootcamp, students complete real-world industry... Read More

4. Springboard

4.7/5 (based on 77 reviews of Online Web Design Programs)
(based on 77 reviews of Online Web Design Programs)
Locations: Online
Courses: Introduction to Design, UI/UX Design Career Track, UX Career Track
Subjects: A/B Testing, AJAX, CSS, Cyber Security, Data Analytics +27 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Job Guarantee
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Job Guarantee

Springboard is a 100% online school that teaches technological skills for the 21st century. It offers online web design bootcamps that have been unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Springboard’s UI/UX design bootcamp is a nine-month course for students from all backgrounds. Students usually spend 15–20 hours a week on course work. This course teaches design thinking, user research, presentation skills,... Read More

5. Designlab

4.74/5 (based on 43 reviews of Online Web Design Programs)
(based on 43 reviews of Online Web Design Programs)
Locations: Online
Courses: Design 101, UI Design, UX Academy, +3 More
Subjects: Design Principles, Illustrator, Photoshop, Responsive Design, UI Design +4 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Job Guarantee
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Job Guarantee

Designlab is an online educational institution that specializes in web design bootcamps. Because all classes are online, schedules have not been affected by COVID-19. Its UX Academy course starts with Design 101, which teaches beginners design principles, visual design, and UX design in four weeks with 15–20 hours of work a week. Upon completing Design 101 and advancing to the rest of the UX Academy... Read More

2021 Best Online Web Design Bootcamps received an average 4.70 of 5 based on 2439 reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Web Design Bootcamps

Are online web design bootcamps worth it?

Online web design bootcamps are a fast, efficient, and flexible way to learn hands-on skills, and those with an eye for it can apply their talent in a wide range of positions. There are online web design bootcamps for people of all experience levels, making them a good option for those who want to land a new position in web design or learn new tools for their current job. Intensive web design bootcamps can cost anywhere from $6,750 to $15,800, and can last as long as nine months. These programs are designed to teach students everything they need to secure an entry-level position and often include career support, making them a good choice for those serious about breaking into the field. There are also lower-cost options and targeted courses to fit your needs and experience level. Introductory courses range from $400 to $3,950, can be taken part-time, and last up to 10 weeks. Whether or not a web design bootcamp is worth it will depend on your professional goals, experience and skill level, and how much time and money you are able to commit. Because there are so many different options available, online web design bootcamps are a flexible and affordable option for those seeking to learn and apply new visual design skills.

Are there any free online web design bootcamps?

There aren't very many free online web design bootcamps available, but there are free and low-cost resources for students that can introduce them to the basics. Skillcrush offers a free coding bootcamp that teaches basic visual and web design, user experience, and HTML and CSS essentials to get you started in web design. Khan Academy also provides free HTML and CSS basics courses. These resources are a great option for those who are new to web design, need to brush up or learn targeted skills, or who are interested in a bootcamp but not ready to commit. For more free or low-cost web design resources, check out our guide to the best online web design courses.

What will you learn at an online web design bootcamp?

Programs are offered for people of varying skill levels and abilities. Some courses are geared towards aspects of visual design, and often focus specifically on User Experience (UX) or User Interface (UI) design. These teach students how to create visually appealing web pages that are optimized for user needs. Others will include web development basics, such as how to build a website using HTML, CSS, and JQuery framework. Fully-immersive programs will likely cover both of these topics, as well as design fundamentals, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, layout trends, and user testing. There are also bootcamps or individual courses on visual design for web and mobile applications, where students learn how to create dynamic web pages for different platforms with users in mind.

What jobs can you get after an online web design bootcamp?

Online web design bootcamp graduates can find employment in a range of fields. Designers are needed in nearly every technology-based industry, from retail to media. Junior UI/UX designers earn $65,708 per year on average, whereas senior UX designers earn $106,706 per year. Web Designers make an average of $52,691 per year. Graduates also have the option of doing freelance work, which allows new designers to build on their portfolio while working on a flexible schedule. Websites like Upwork are a great place to find freelance opportunities. UI/UX design can also benefit those working as product managers, although additional credentials or skills may be needed to secure these positions. Entry-level assistant product managers make $84,766 per year, on average.

SwitchUp Rankings Methodology

SwitchUp's rankings are based on over 20,000 reviews from verified students and alumni, across over 500 bootcamps in operation. Because student and alumni feedback and ratings are indicative of bootcamp quality, rankings are ordered by review score. If bootcamps have the same review score, bootcamps with more reviews are ranked higher to break the tie. The order of the ranking is based on data at the time of publishing, but the ratings and review counts will change as more reviews come in.

To be considered for the 2021 rankings, bootcamps must help students land jobs in tech through excellent instructor support, curriculum, and career resources; each review left on SwitchUp evaluates the bootcamp on all of these aspects.

All bootcamps considered for the best online web design rankings were required to meet the following criteria at the time of publication:

  • Offer an immersive or part-time web design that is completely online
  • Have at least 10 verified reviews of online web design program
  • For those online web design program reviews, average at least 4/5 stars

Please see our full ranking methodology to see requirements for other rankings.

Bootcamp Highlights

Looking for a school with specific qualities? We've awarded merit badges to schools in several key areas:

Available Online

Offer either part-time or immersive courses that are available online. This includes courses that are offered temporarily online due to COVID-19.

Verified Outcomes

Offer a job outcomes report that was independently verified by a third-party auditor.

Flexible Classes

Offer self-paced, part-time, or evening classes.

Job Guarantee

Offer guaranteed job placement after graduation, or the student's tuition is refunded. Visit the official school site for related terms and conditions.

GI Bill

Approved to accept GI Bill funds according to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

VET TEC Provider

Approved as a VET TEC Provider according to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.


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