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Last Updated: January 21, 2020

Bash is a Unix shell and command language historically used in Mac OS Mojave and is currently used as a potential option for Windows 10 and as the default for Solaris 11. Bash operates as a command processor similar to Note++ where programmers can type out commands and execute file commands: a command language interpreter. In Bash classes, students will learn a number of coding languages and programming tools to excel in the computer science and information technology industries.

Software engineers and developers competent in Bash are estimated to make a yearly salary of approximately $73,334, according to data compiled by PayScale. Software engineers and developers are in high demand, seeing a larger than average growth rate for their industry per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As a resource for finding the perfect bootcamp program, SwitchUp has a little something for every type of learner including a curated list of specific options that offer Bash courses and other programming essentials like programming languages and even cryptocurrency.

Locations: Asheville, Atlanta, Charlotte, Columbus, Dallas +5 More
Courses: Full-Time Code Immersion Program, Intro to Website Design & Creation, iOS Development, +5 More
Subjects: AJAX, Algorithms, Bash, Business, CSS +14 More

Tech Talent South hosts regional part-time and full-time immersion programs. In addition to the curriculum, guest speakers, company tours, and networking events help students get to know the local professional tech scene. TTS offers several payment options, including a 10% upfront payment discount, and two installment plans.
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Locations: Online, Kowloon Bay, Singapore, Sydney
Courses: Coding Basics, Coding Bootcamp
Subjects: AJAX, Algorithms, Bash, CSS, Data Structures +8 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes

Rocket Academy is a 6-month live and online coding bootcamp that trains software engineers for job placements in Singapore. With instructor experience from Facebook to Alibaba, Stanford to General Assembly, you will be placed in Singapore's highest-calibre coding community. Small classes ensure students get attention and build bonds. Graduates join RA’s powerful alumni network, enabling lifelong friendships and career opportunities. Graduates unable to get a software development or related job within 6 months of graduation...
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Locations: Online
Courses: Data Science + Machine Learning Career Track, Data Science + Machine Learning Course, Intro to JavaScript Course, +4 More
Subjects: Agile, Algorithms, Apache, API, App Development +61 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes

Ranked #7 on SwitchUp’s Best Coding Bootcamps for 2021, and #3 for Data Science, CodingNomads is a global coding community that provides a personal human experience to help you master in-demand coding skills, and have fun doing it! With a mission to help people of all backgrounds improve your skills to improve your life, CodingNomads’ affordable tuition, flexible schedule, and passionate mentorship team make it the highest quality education at the best value. Our practical,...
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Locations: Beirut
Courses: Foundations of Computer Science, Full Stack Web Development
Subjects: Algorithms, Bash, Bootstrap, CSS, Data Structures +13 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes

SE Factory is Lebanon’s leading non-profit coding bootcamp, teaching young computer science graduates the skills they need to become highly employable professional software engineers. SE Factory's registration fee is subsidized, making it accessible for students from various socioeconomic backgrounds.
Locations: Online, London
Courses: Professional Front-End Coding Bootcamp, Professional Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp, Professional JavaScript Coding Bootcamp
Subjects: Algorithms, Bash, Command Line, CSS, Database Management +11 More

The Jump offers part-time and full-time remote coding bootcamps that are taught from London, UK, but which are accessed remotely from anywhere. These are programmes of in-depth software-engineering training & optional career-change support that are designed to enable you to make the jump from little or no coding experience to being able to develop and deploy enterprise grade software to a professional standard. All our bootcamps are live and interactive and you participate remotely via...

Start Your Career with a Top-Rated Bootcamp

Locations: Online
Courses: Cybersecurity Bootcamp, Data Analytics & Visualization, Data Science Bootcamp, +1 More
Subjects: Bash, Bootstrap, CSS, Cyber Security, Data Science +16 More

Wagner College bootcamp programs offer 16-week and 24-week courses in Cyber Security and Web Development that can be done online or on campus in New York. These programs started out of a desire to deliver quality learning in a targeted faculty, to a vast variety of learners from diverse educational and professional backgrounds. These bootcamps can be attended by both students and professionals alike. The programs require 25-30 hours per week.
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Locations: Online, Oakland
Courses: Kickstart Full Stack Program, Custom-Paced Bootcamp Program
Subjects: Algorithms, API, Back-End Web Development, Bash, Bootstrap +21 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes

Keep your day job and save money as you kickstart your coding career. In intensive, part-time classes you collaborate on projects to learn the most in-demand tech like Python and React from the top instructors at Kickstart Coding. Kickstart Coding is open to both beginners AND pros, and as it is priced at only 1/3rd - 1/6th the cost of a comparable full stack web development program, the classes make full stack web development accessible...
Locations: Hyderabad
Courses: Full Stack Web Development
Subjects: AJAX, Algorithms, AWS, Bash, Bootstrap +30 More

School of Accelerated Learning (SOAL) offers a full-time, 14-week coding bootcamp in Hyderabad, India. The Exponent Program in Web Development (TEP) helps students master the fundamentals of full-stack JavaScript, with a focus on React, NodeJS, database design, and APIs. The School of Accelerated Learning looks for applicants who are passionate about learning software development in a collaborative, immersive and accelerated environment. SOAL accepts students who are naturally curious and seek critical feedback to improve their...
Locations: Online
Courses: Full-Time, Full Stack Web Development Boot Camp, Part-Time, Cybersecurity Boot Camp, Part-Time, Data Analytics and Visualization Boot Camp, +4 More
Subjects: Agile, Bash, Bootstrap, CSS, Cyber Security +32 More

UT Austin Boot Camps offer 12-week, full-time and 24-week, part-time web development courses, 24-week, part-time data analytics, UX/UI, and cybersecurity courses, and 18-week, part-time digital marketing and project management courses. The full stack curriculum includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Express.js, Node.js, databases, MongoDB, MySQL, and Git. The data curriculum includes programming in Excel, Python, R programming, JavaScript charting, HTML/CSS, API interactions, SQL, Tableau, fundamental statistics, machine learning, and more. Enjoy close collaboration with other...
Locations: Bellevue, Seattle
Courses: Advanced Data Analytics, Full Stack Web Development, Intro to Data Analytics, +1 More
Subjects: Angular, AngularJS, AWS, Bash, Cloud Computing +16 More

Skillspire aims to contribute to diversity in the IT industry by including people of different race, gender, and socio-economic paths. Courses include Full Stack Web Development, Data Analytics and more. Making a path and connections to a career in technology more accessible, to those working full time already, at jobs that don’t offer as many pathways for advancement or to those wanting to reinvent themselves professionally. Skillspire’s vision is to bridge this opportunity divide. Skillspire's...

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