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By: SwitchUp
Last Updated: January 9, 2020

C++ is a powerful, high-performance programming language. It’s popular because, in the right hands, it offers advantages in speed and computer resource utilization compared to some other languages. C++ is often used to develop desktop apps, game engines, and games, and many well-known AAA title video games are built on C++. For these reasons and others, C++ is included in many coding bootcamps and education programs for beginning coders as well as people with some prior coding experience.

C++ is used primarily by software developers (who build applications) and web developers (who build websites). The median salary for software developers is $105,000, and the median salary for web developers is $70,000. Both of these employment sectors are growing rapidly, at a rate of 21% and 13% respectively, which is much faster than the 5% projected rate of growth across all occupations.

There are many bootcamps available for people who are interested in becoming web developers or software developers. Some offer immersive beginner-to-developer curriculums exclusively, while others also provide training in C++. Browse the individual reviews, specific programs, course offerings, and community discussions to make an informed decision.

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