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Last Updated: January 10, 2020

A software tester receives software builds at different stages of completion, applies various tests, and documents the software’s response. This process helps software engineering teams discover coding problems and bugs. Testers may use scripted testing scenarios or perform more free form stress testing, and they typically work with software at all stages of the development process. This position is often entry-level, but it may still require certain skills or certifications. That’s where bootcamps can come in, giving students a background in testing techniques and teaching them how to use mainstream test management tools.

According to PayScale, the median salary for software testers is $55,700, while the top 10% earn about $86,000 and the bottom 10% earn $39,000. Although job growth for software testers has not been mapped, 12% growth is expected across all computer and information technology occupations between 2018 and 2028, which is greater than the 5% projected growth rate across all occupations.

Both immersive bootcamps and à la carte courses are available for aspiring software testers. Here, interested students can browse content, information, and student reviews associated with those courses and bootcamps.

Locations: Online, Arad, Białystok, Bucharest, Bydgoszcz, Cluj-Napoca +31 More
Courses: PHP from Scratch - RO, Java from Scratch - PL, Java - LV, +28 More
Subjects: .NET, C, C#, C++, HTML +5 More

Software Development Academy is the first programming academy in Poland and the largest in the CEE offering training profiled for the needs of the ICT market. SDA offers Java, .NET, JavaScript, C, C#, Python, PHP, HTML and C++ courses in the evening or extra-mural mode.The proprietary education program turns enthusiasts of new technologies into programmers. A carefully developed model allows people who have not been connected with the industry to study and adapt the courses...
CodingNomads logo
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Locations: Online
Courses: Learn Java Programming, Learn Python Programming, Java Professional Career Track, +3 More
Subjects: Agile, Algorithms, Apache, API, App Development +59 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes

Ranked #7 on SwitchUp’s Best Coding Bootcamps worldwide, and #3 for Data Science, CodingNomads is a small family-run code school that provides a more personal human experience to help you master in-demand coding skills, and have fun doing it! With a mission to help students of all backgrounds improve their skills to improve their lives, CodingNomads’ affordable tuition, scholarships and various course format options make it the highest quality education at the best value. One...
Locations: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney
Courses: Fast Track Bootcamp, GenTech Coding Bootcamp, Cyber Security Bootcamp
Subjects: A/B Testing, Agile, AngularJS, AWS, Bash +37 More

Coder Academy offers Australia's only accredited coding & cyber security bootcamps located in the hearts of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. The Fast Track Bootcamp is a 6-month long program split into four terms, covering computer science fundamentals and two full technology stacks: Ruby on Rails and the Javascript MERN Stack (Mongo.db, Express, React, and Node.js). GenTech covers the same content in a "part-time" format (20 hrs per week for 43 weeks). The Cyber Security Bootcamp...

Locations: Online, Sunnyvale
Courses: Magnimind Full-Stack Data Science Bootcamp, Distributed ML with Apache Spark Mini Bootcamp, Introduction to Python Mini Bootcamp, +12 More
Subjects: Algorithms, Apache, Data Analytics, Data Science, Data Structures +13 More

Magnimind Academy offers 10-week boot camps, regular courses and daily meet-ups in Sunnyvale, CA. The programs help students to improve data skills and prepare for a career change. Magnimind Academy selects promising applicants from their wide range of admissions, and assists these students in learning key aspects of data science and in finding the best jobs with their new knowledge.
Locations: Raleigh-Durham
Courses: Immersive Fullstack Software Engineering Fellowship
Subjects: Algorithms, CSS, Database Design, Express.js, Functional Programming +6 More

Project Shift is an immersive full-stack software engineering education program in Durham, NC. In addition to hands-on experience, Project Shift is raising the ceiling for non-Computer Science grads through mentorship, advanced CS topics and university certified CS instructors. In addition to hands-on experience, we're raising the ceiling for non-Computer Science grads through mentorship, advanced CS topics and university certified CS instructors. Project Shift is very selective in their application process: Less than 20% of applicants...

Start Your Career with a Top-Rated Bootcamp

Locations: Hyderabad
Courses: Full Stack Web Development
Subjects: AJAX, Algorithms, AWS, Bash, Bootstrap +30 More

School of Accelerated Learning (SOAL) offers a full-time, 14-week coding bootcamp in Hyderabad, India. The Exponent Program in Web Development (TEP) helps students master the fundamentals of full-stack JavaScript, with a focus on React, NodeJS, database design, and APIs. The School of Accelerated Learning looks for applicants who are passionate about learning software development in a collaborative, immersive and accelerated environment. SOAL accepts students who are naturally curious and seek critical feedback to improve their...
Locations: Jakarta
Courses: Full Stack JavaScript
Subjects: AJAX, Algorithms, AWS, Bash, Behavior Driven Development (BDD) +44 More

Impact Byte is a full-time, 8-week full-stack coding bootcamp in Jakarta, Indonesia. Impact Byte students will learn JavaScript and graduates will be able to build a full suite of web applications including design interface and functionality, along with communication with database servers. The bootcamp teaches the latest curriculum to meet the needs of the industry. Applicants must submit an online form where they will receive additional questions about expectations and technical skills, and then an...
Locations: Vancouver
Courses: AWS For Developers, CodeCore Developer Bootcamp, CodeCore Fundamentals
Subjects: AJAX, Algorithms, Bootstrap, Command Line, CSS +22 More

CodeCore recruits the best and brightest applicants for an intensive, 12-week developer bootcamp in Vancouver, Canada. As Western Canada's first developer school, the program is taught by seasoned industry experts. The program culminates in a demo day attended by Vancouver's top technology companies. CodeCore is designed for novice programmers and is ideal for entrepreneurs without a "technical co-founder", designers who want to expand their skill set, and professionals looking to transition into a web development...
Locations: Online
Courses: BBST Foundations, BBST Bug Advocacy, BBST Test Design
Subjects: Black Box Testing, Exploratory Testing, Software Testing

BBST (Black Box Software Testing) is an online, intensive training program for software testers. Developed by Dr. Cem Kaner, the BBST course series is comprised of three one-month courses: Foundations, Bug Advocacy and Test Design. During the four weeks of each course, students interact with instructors and peers in small-sized online classrooms. Each instructor is assigned to a maximum of 7 students for 1:1 feedback and assessment.
Locations: Moscow
Courses: Web Development
Subjects: Bootstrap, Career Coaching, CSS, Git, Heroku +13 More

The Shkola is the first coding bootcamp in Russia. In 8 weeks students will learn the required fundamentals of web development to change their career or launch their startup. The curriculum covers the whole stack of web development: layout using HTML & CSS, front-end development using the latest JavaScript, back-end development with Ruby on Rails. The students will learn how to use Git version control and text editors. The bootcamp also provide skills required to...

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