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Last Updated: January 9, 2020

SQL, or Structured Query Language, is a programming language that is widely used in business and other types of database administration. With SQL, a person can order and store data in many different ways. And if important data is stored in a database, someone versed in SQL can input queries to frame that data in a useable way. It is widely used in data analytics and back-end web development. SQL can handle data pools of virtually all sizes, from 1,000 records to 100 million. In an SQL programming bootcamp, students learn this programming language and how to use it to turn data into useful, practical information.

Learning SQL is an important step toward becoming a data analyst, developer, programmer, manager, or any of several other careers in the tech space. In 2018, computer programmers earned a median annual wage of $84,280. Employment of computer programmers is projected to decline by 7% from 2018 to 2028. Software developers earned a median annual wage of $105,590 in 2018, and job growth is projected to be 21% by 2028.

SwitchUp is an online platform that helps students find a technology, data science, or coding bootcamp that will help them find a job in the technology space.

Available Online
Verified Outcomes
Flexible Classes
Locations: Online, Los Angeles, San Jose
Courses: Software Development Onsite Full-Time Bootcamp, Cybersecurity Online Part-Time Bootcamp, Data Science & Visualization Online Part-Time Bootcamp, +6 More
Subjects: .NET, AJAX, AngularJS, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC +47 More
Available Online
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Flexible Classes

Founded in 2012, Coding Dojo has helped 8000+ students advance their career in tech. One of the only bootcamps in the world to teach 3 full-stack technologies in a single 14-week program, graduates go on to be hired by companies like Amazon, Expedia, Microsoft, and more. An industry-leading curriculum that's matched to regional job demand, students choose to learn 3 full-stack languages, choosing from Java, JavaScript, Python, and C# depending on location and program. Students...
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Locations: Online, Boston, Chicago, London, Miami, NYC +2 More
Courses: Cybersecurity Certificate Course, Data Analytics Course, Data Science Bootcamp, +20 More
Subjects: A/B Testing, Agile, Algorithms, API, Business +46 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes

Brainstation provides a collaborative, project-based learning experience with training options across the full digital product lifecycle, including data, design, development, marketing, and product. Established in 2012, BrainStation has worked with innovative companies to develop cutting-edge, real-world digital education.
Locations: Online, Toronto
Courses: Applied Data Science and Big Data Diploma Program, Applied Business Intelligence Certificate, Applied Data Engineering Online Live, +1 More
Subjects: Algorithms, AWS, Big Data, Business, Data Analytics +10 More
Available Online

WeCloudData offers full and part-time Data Science courses in Toronto, Canada. Students can choose from a full-time, 12-week immersive Data Science Bootcamp, or part-time courses in Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Python for Data Science, and more. WeCloudData is a leading data science training provider in Canada. Its data science, data engineering, and data analytics programs are designed to be highly practical and focusing on teaching students to understand end-to-end data science processes via hands-on projects,...
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Locations: Online
Courses: Comprehensive HTML 5 Tutorial: Become an HTML 5 Specialist, Cryptocurrency Investment Opportunity May 2018, Interactive Coding for Beginners: What is CSS, HTML & Web Development, +7 More
Subjects: Blockchain, Blockchain and Crypto, C#, Cryptocurrency, CSS +11 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes

BitDegree offers a large number of online programming classes, many of which are free. Courses are offered in video and interactive formats. Students can pay for classes either at standard prices through conventional methods or at discount with cryptocurrency in the form of BiTDegree's own BDG tokens.
Locations: Online, Hyderabad
Courses: Full Stack ASP.NET Core Web Developer Coding Bootcamp
Subjects: .NET, Angular, API, ASP.NET MVC, Azure +17 More

MTT is a Technology-driven program teaching the core concepts of programming in depth and latest web development. During the course, our students learn how to build any beautiful web applications by themselves like a pro. Apart from technology we also teach them bottom up problem solving methodology. After the bootcamp, our students are granted lifetime access to our online video tutorials platform with more than 350hrs of software development training. They also become members of...

Start Your Career with a Top-Rated Bootcamp

Locations: Online
Courses: Advanced Java Developer Bootcamp, Advanced SQL Server Developer, C/C++ Programmer Bootcamp, +8 More
Subjects: .NET, Android, AngularJS, App Development, ASP.NET +33 More

Our unique approach combines on-demand streaming with personal facilitation and comprehensive hands-on exercises to assure successful training and competence in the IT workplace. Our support staff provides personal setup assistance, guidance and lab equipment setup for each student. An instructor is assigned to each student to assist in completing lab exercises and to help with any questions about the course content. Our classes are designed to be 50% lecture and 50% hands on exercises. Lab...
Locations: Online
Courses: Coding, Data Science, Full Time Data Science Bootcamp, +1 More
Subjects: Agile, AJAX, Algorithms, AWS, CSS +21 More

The Developer Academy offers remote, part-time bootcamps in coding and data science. Students in both programs learn the fundamental tools and techniques of full stack development or data science. Students attend 24 weeks of evening for 144 hours of instruction, with an expectation for students to complete an additional 20 hours a week of self led projects or study. Students also receive career mentoring and help finding a job. Graduates of The Developer Academy have...
Locations: St. Louis
Courses: Full-time Web Development Immersive Program, Part-time Web Development Immersive Program
Subjects: Angular, ASP.NET MVC, CSS, Docker, HTML +2 More

Our 12-week training program allows students to learn and apply all of the necessary coding and team skills in order to start a career in full-stack web development. Students will attend our classes in St. Louis, Missouri and learn development with the help of in-person guidance from our experienced instructors and mentors. We offer daytime or evening scheduling options for the immersive program. Both options include 48 full-stack development workshops, plus full-day access to mentors...
Locations: Poway, Wayne
Courses: Data Analysis & Visualization, Data Engineering & Integration
Subjects: SharePoint, SQL Programming, SQL Server Administration

The Talent Development Program (TDP) by CCS Global Tech is a trainee-to-hire experience for people with a STEM background who want to jump-start their careers in the tech industry. We train participants in high-demand business intelligence technologies such as SQL Server, Azure, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau. TDP uses an accelerated learning model to dramatically reduce the time it takes for participants to gain cutting-edge skills and apply them in the real world. With decades...
Locations: Online
Courses: .Net Developer Certificate (C#), .Net Developer Certificate (VB.NET), Advanced Java Developer Certificate, +11 More
Subjects: .NET, Android, Angular, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC +20 More

Our unique approach combines on-demand streaming with personal facilitation and comprehensive hands-on exercises to assure successful training and competence in the IT Workplace. Students haves have the flexibility to learn the necessary IT skills on their own time without sacrificing the assistance from a dedicated instructor. Upon competition of a Certificate Program, students will be prepared for entry-level employment or professional certification exams. Our support staff provides personal setup assistance, guidance, and lab equipment setup...

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