Bloc Graduate Spotlight: Harry Levine

By: The SwitchUp Team
Last Updated: February 16, 2015

Graduate of Bloc's Full Stack Web Developer online program, Harry Levine, shares insight about his transition from being an adult educator to becoming a web programmer. During his bootcamp experience, he managed to create a useful note taking tool called "Mind on Rails." It's a great resource for students learning Ruby on Rails. Harry has also written a great blog piece with his Ruby on Rails learning takeaways. Here's a short excerpt:

"We tend to see things through the lens of our experiences. In my former life I was an educator. I see the world through the eyes of a teacher and learner. Through these optics, I believe that all things Ruby on Rails smartly fit into learning stacks. What is a learning stack?"

Watch our interview below:

Harry Levine is a graduate of Bloc. He can be reached on LinkedIn and you can check out his website. Read more reviews on Bloc!

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