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App Academy

Online, San Francisco, NYC
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About App Academy

Location: Online, San Francisco, NYC

App Academy is a coding school that offers online and in-person training programs with no tuition cost until you’re hired as a Software Engineer earning over $50,000. The career changing outcomes that App Academy has produced since being founded in 2012... Read More


App Academy Open

Cost: Free
Locations: Online
Course Description:

With App Academy Open you’ll get free access to App Academy’s entire in-person full-stack curriculum, which has placed thousands of people in software development jobs. App Academy is ranked as the #1 coding bootcamp in the US and, since 2016, has placed more software developers at Google than UC Berkeley. On the Free plan you’ll get over 1,500 hours of material (readings, videos, projects), an interactive coding environment and community features like chat to keep you connected with thousands of prospective developers across the globe.

Design Principles, CSS, HTML, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SQL, Algorithms, JavaScript, UX, UX Design

Bootcamp Prep

Cost: $2,999
Duration: 4 weeks
Locations: Online, San Francisco, NYC
In-person Available Online
Course Description:

Bootcamp Prep is a 4-week, part-time course, guaranteed to get you accepted at the most selective coding schools or your money back. The program will teach you up to an advanced level of JavaScript, and instructors provide you with 1-on-1 mock interviews, as well assist with your individual bootcamp applications.

There are multiple course and pricing options for students interested in the Bootcamp Prep:
Bootcamp Prep Live: Cost $2,999
Bootcamp Prep Online: Cost (Three Tiers) $995, $1,795, $3,795

CSS, HTML, Algorithms, Node.js, JavaScript

Software Engineer Track: In-Person

Cost: $17,000
Duration: 16 weeks
Locations: NYC, San Francisco
In-person Only
Course Description:

In 16 weeks, you'll learn all the skills needed to begin a career as a web developer. Through hands-on projects, we train you to build web applications with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and React/Flux. Prior programming experience isn't required. However, you will need lots of tenacity and a passion for building cool stuff.

App Academy now offers flexible financing and deferred tuition for their Full Time Program:
- $17k upfront tuition payment
- $23k (9k upfront, 13k deferred tuition payment)
-$28k (fully deferred tuition payment, 3k deposit ).

Design Principles, CSS, HTML, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SQL, Algorithms, JavaScript, UX

Software Engineer Track: Online

Cost: $20,000
Duration: 24 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

The Software Engineer Track: Online program offers members an almost identical experience to our in-person full-stack course with daily video demos, live q&a instruction, projects, pair programming, live lectures from App Academy instructors, white-boarding, career services and more. It costs $0 upfront and you only pay if you’re hired as a developer (upfront and hybrid payment options are also available). The course is full-time, Mon-Fri, from 8am-5pm PST, and will get you job-ready in 24 weeks. Please note: we are unable to accept applications from New York residents at this time to the SWE: Online program.

CSS, HTML, MongoDB, Docker, GraphQL, Ruby on Rails, Redux, React.js, SQL, Node.js, Express.js, JavaScript

App Academy Reviews

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4.68/5 (1142 reviews)

Nick Hong
Graduated: 2013




Job Support

"I'm very happy I decided to attend AA. It's not perfect, but it does have lots going for it in comparison to other dev bootcamps."

I'm very happy I decided to attend AA. It's not perfect, but it does have lots going for it in comparison to other dev bootcamps.

I think programming camps share many similar attributes - for instance, almost all of them learn in pairs, teach Rails, have... Read More

AA spends time developing algorithmic thinking. We started off barely knowing enough Ruby to run nested for loops to solve 'Fizz Buzz'. In the next 5 days we implemented a lot of things like binary search and quick sort. At the end of the first week, we built Tic Tac Toe allowing human players to play through the terminal against an unbeatable AI in 8 hours (that was nuts!). A few weeks later we took 5 days to learn all the same things in Javascript. Many of the junior programmers I've interviewed from other camps knew a lot of ways to do things with Rails, but didn't know how to script well enough in plain old Ruby/JS.
AA taught object-oriented and social programming. Our code was constantly evaluated for object-oriented thinking, clarity in choice of variable and function names, and accessibility to other programmers. Really handy now when I'm working with 6 other engineers!
AA taught away the magic. AA's instructors taught this super well - nothing is magical. In the course we did things like rebuild Active Record through meta programming, recreate the basics of Backbone.js using plain Javascript, implement our own sessions/login before using Devise/Sorcery, read server logs to detect and get rid of N+1 queries, and other things that dig deeper into frameworks that many take for granted.
They know what companies are looking for. I was fortunate enough to get 5 offers in 4 weeks of searching after AA. They really prepared me for the job search.
AA's curriculum covers less overall material. I think the course was a little too light on coverage of CSS. We also didn't cover some classic Rails patterns, like making forms work through AJAX with Rails' forms using remote: true ( we did cover how to AJAXify through plain old JS, obviously). Finally, I wish we had spent more time learning to code through TDD. It's a tradeoff for focusing more deeply.
AA is extremely fast-paced. You have to work hard to keep up. Definitely reminded me of 'drinking from the firehose' in my MIT days.

Your brain will hurt a lot. You will stress over keeping up and doing the homework after coding for 10 hours straight. But, in the end, it's all worth it.

Don't hesitate in contacting them. Kush and Ned are super nice :)

Zen Zoe
Graduated: 2013




Job Support

This is a personal story. 

I graduated from the July 13' cohort. I was attracted to AA (App Academy)because I liked their pay later model. If they were willing to bet on me than I felt comfortable betting on them. I was able to find a job within two months... Read More

AA was the most intense experience I've ever had. I came in with limited RoR/JS knowledge and I learned a ton over the course of the program. I personally liked the fact that several students had more experience than I did. Although at times discouraging, it ultimately motivated me to push hard; I was determined to not fall behind. It blew my mind that by the end of the ninth week I could build a web-app front-to-back. For real.

Not everyone makes it though. I've personally been told there have been scenarios where students were refunded their deposit in unfortunate scenarios. Ned and the staff give more attention to the people who seem to need it. It's pretty clear they want everyone to succeed, it seems genuine too, regardless of their financial incentives.

It amazes me how after the program I am able to have high-bandwidth conversations with experienced engineers. Although we learned Rails, I'm currently writing a web-app for work in Flask (Python micro-framework). Picking it up was chill because I understood fundamental web and MVC concepts. More importantly, I learned "how to learn." The skills you gain from AA go beyond Rails/JS, you gain a skill-set to become a real programmer.

AA was an experience I will never forget. I worked my ass off, met a lot of motivated people, and got my dream job working as a professional programmer. Best luck to anyone considering the program or going through it right now -- just remember to get enough sleep!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What financing options are offered by App Academy?

App Academy offers many financing options, such as Income Share Agreements, Loan Financing, and Upfront Payments.

What courses are offered at App Academy?

There are many courses you can take at App Academy. These include App Academy Open, Bootcamp Prep, Software Engineer Track: In-Person, Software Engineer Track: Online

What types of programs are offered at App Academy?

App Academy has Full-Time programs for students that can be taken online or in-person.

In these programs, students can learn from and take advantage of guided lectures, live pair programming, white-boarding, career and job placement services, and more.

What are the job outcomes for App Academy?

The average salary after graduation is $90,000 in New York and $101,000 in San Francisco, and 74% of alumni find a job.

App Academy alumni work at various tech companies, such as Google, Dropbox, PayPal, Facebook, Github, and more.

What is the application process at App Academy like?

Prospective students will need to submit an online form and complete an interview to apply to App Academy.

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