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About Flatiron School

Location: Online, NYC, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, Houston, Washington D.C.

Founded in 2012 and started the bootcamp revolution, Flatiron School offers immersive on-campus and online programs in software engineering, data science, cybersecurity analytics, cybersecurity engineering, and product design that trains passionate people... Read More

To apply, submit your application and share a bit about yourself and what's driving you to start a career. During the application process, you will speak with an Admissions representative in a non-technical interview to allow for the opportunity to get to know each other better in a friendly conversation. You will also need to complete a 15-minute critical thinking and problem-solving assessment afterwards.

You will receive your acceptance decision from Admissions within 4 business days of completing the assessment.

Students benefit from:
- Proven Career-Services Framework
- Robust Industry-Aligned Curriculum
- Career Building Portfolio
- Dedicated 1:1 Career-Coaching
- The Support of Passionate Instructors, Coaches and Community

Flatiron School was one of the first bootcamps in the industry and a pioneer in providing 3rd party examined job placement reports.

Flatiron School offers many scholarships including the new Essential Workers Scholarship, which provides opportunities for individuals with the passion, dedication, and will to change things, especially if they’ve experienced roadblocks before. Students who are awarded the scholarship can receive up to $1,500 and start learning with no deposit down. Please visit the Flatiron School website for more details.


Software Engineering

Cost: $16,900
Duration: 15 weeks
Locations: Austin, Seattle, Chicago, NYC, Washington D.C., Houston
In-person Only
Course Description:

Being a software engineer requires more than knowing how to code or build a web app. Over 15 challenging weeks on Flatiron School’s campus, students learn to think, and build, like software engineers — from developing coding proficiency to gaining an understanding of how products are designed and managed. In each three-week curriculum module, students develop key skills through interactive labs, lectures, and close collaboration, showcasing progress through Portfolio Projects. While the bulk of the material covered encompasses the Ruby and JavaScript ecosystems, we carefully designed our curriculum to prepare students to launch software engineering careers, independent of any specific language or technology.

The course covers Ruby, HTML & CSS, Object Orientation, Object Relational Mapping (ORM), SQL, Rack, Sinatra, Rails, JavaScript, React, Node.js and Express.js, Angular, and more. By the completion of the program, students have done much more than simply build technical skills: they have maintained technical blogs to show they can credibly talk tech; they have become a part of the tech community; they have amassed an impressive portfolio of unique, functional web applications to show employers as they enter the job-search phase with the support of our Career Services team.

No previous coding experience is required, but Flatiron School encourages all applicants to start learning through the free coding introductory lessons.. All students apply through a standardized process, including a written application, admissions interview, and technical review.

Flatiron School Reviews

Average Ratings (All Programs)

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4.65/5 (258 reviews)

Graduated: 2020




Job Support

"Don't do the Data Science one"

The instructor was great, and I like the learning platform- the being able to scroll through text rather than watch hours of video content, and still have a real person to chat with for questions and clarification. The curriculum is mostly good, but I... Read More

Graduated: 2020


Online Data Science



Job Support

"Best Bootcamp to Transition into Data Science"

I had a fantastic experience at Flatiron that ended up in me receiving two job offers two days apart, a month after my graduation! They provide the necessary structure and resources to ensure your success in this field. I agree with some reviews that... Read More

Matthew Serre
Graduated: 2019


Online Software Engineering



Job Support

"Instant Success with Flatiron"

Flatiron was great for me. Because it is self-paced, the online program allowed me to start slow while I was working full time and ramp up once I resigned from my job to focus on the program. Every person I encountered from instructors to coaches to fellow... Read More

Jeremiah Tabb
Graduated: 2019


Software Engineering



Job Support

"Amazingly Transformative Program"

The Flatiron School will change your life --- if you put in the work. They hire Incredible staff, support your learning with fantastic materials, and work alongside you after graduation to keep you motivated. The entire environment is designed for your... Read More

A year ago today, I was a senior music composition major in college crying over my grad school rejection letters --- this morning, I signed an offer for a full-time C# position. This mind-blowing transition is all thanks to the incredible instruction I received from the Flatiron School in Denver.

If you sign up and put in the work - you will be exposed to a neverending world of learning, and given the tools to explore. The skills you learn at this school make any technology and concept possible for you to master - only for you to shift into learning something else.

I would recommend this school to anyone who is very motivated to make a career switch. It will be hard, sometimes very hard, - but the outcomes speak for themselves.

Ret take
Graduated: 2018


Software Engineering



Job Support


Great time here and learned alot. Had a lot of support and job resources. The mock interviewsb really helped me get a feel for what the real world will be like.

I liked the way the curriculum is structured and the pace that they go with also made a difference... Read More

Cris Hanks
Graduated: 2019




Job Support

"Flatiron School: What to Expect -- Outcomes & Experience"

About Me - Graduate of the Full Stack Web Development on-campus immersive course, 2019 - Found a Full Stack role (React and C#) with an above-average salary 4 months after declaring a job search - Bachelor's degree in a non-traditional background (not... Read More

Graduated: 2019




Job Support

"Saddened over Flatiron's Data Science Prep course"

I completed both the Python Interview Prep and the Math Prep.

For the Python bit, the information is useful, but if you are new to Python, you may want to sign up for a cheap prep course on DataCamp or Dataquest. DataCamp gave me a solid starting point.... Read More

The Flatiron website did provide a lot of information, but that was the problem, it seemed like just information. I didn't feel the presentation was allowing the information to create a foundation, but more to state that it is. I guess it was more like 'this is what you should know already'.

When it came time for the Math Interview Prep portion, it was more of the same. It was providing information, but not really explaining it. I stared at these pages for hours. This section made me seriously cringe. I really thought I would never get this.

THEN, I searched online for some help and found a FREE calculus course on Khan Academy. After taking the FREE AP Calculus AB course which explained BRILLIANTLY all I needed to know for this section, I realized I got this.

So it wasn't me that had issues, it was the material and how it was presented on Flatiron that was lacking. The material on Flatiron was so poorly written and not remotely conducive to learning, in my opinion. As the lesson tried to explain further, it mentions: Let's take a second to fully understand this new formula because it's not going away.

Willikers! This section should be replaced with the Khan Academy course.

This Data Science bootcamp is a big step for me and I am ready to poor blood, sweat, and tears over it, not to mention $15,000 for the course. I fear that if the Free Prep work is this bad, what will the actual paid lessons be like.

Was this written by your finest? Shiver me timbers Flatiron. If this is a preview of what's to come, then I will have to take my $15,000 elsewhere.

Graduated: 2018


Online Software Engineering Bootcamp



Job Support

"Amazing program, amazing people"

I took the online full stack web development program and had a great experience. I was brand new to coding when I enrolled and the program and now I can say that I am a full stack web developer! In addition to a great curriculum, the people at Flatiron... Read More

Graduated: 2019


Online Data Science Bootcamp



Job Support

"Learning but definitely feeling scammed"

Note: I am still doing the course so I do not feel like I can give a review of the job search help they do provide. I will come back to edit this when I have completed the course.

+ Fairly well rounded curriculum
+ Material is covered quickly enough... Read More

- Badly organised
- Some advertised things were not really kept to
- Course material is lacking in a few significant areas
- Course material is really badly written. Never-ending typos, serious mistakes, bad explanations, weird learning route, and some incorrect solutions and examples. Also the easiest stuff is covered too often and the important stuff is insufficiently covered. Also one or two modules involve watching a lot of freely available youtube videos.
- Daily tutorials feel unnecessary and not that helpful

I left a good job to enter Data Science and felt a bootcamp would be best for me. I knew people who had gone through Flatiron's Software Development programme with much success so was happy to go into their new data science course. I have some experience with mathsy stuff given my undergrad major and high school work. I am finding this course to be very disappointing and feel very mislead. The course price is just as much as the Software Development one and yet this one seems pretty shitty. Clearly nobody even checked the course material before it was shown to by now hundreds of students. WTF. Instructors say they are working on it and that "it was written by PhDs!" but those must be the worst doctors I know. If I had known how it was going to be going in I would have tried to teach myself with all the free stuff one can find online nowadays and saved myself a lot of time and money. Unfortunately I am caught up in the course curriculum and might still end up paying to see the end of it (if I do not quit first). I encourage anyone considering this course to look up other bootcamps such as General Assembly to see if theirs are any good. If they feel up to it they could alternatively try teaching themselves. If somebody from Flatiron is reading this I WANT MY MONEY BACK.

Emily Nielsen
Process Automation Engineer at American Express | Graduated: 2018


Software Engineering Immersive



Job Support

"Flatiron helped me get a 60% pay increase!"

My situation was a little unique in that I was living and working in DC, but knew I was going to move to Miami soon to be with my new husband. I decided to quit my job, do the in-person immersive program, and then move to Miami and search for jobs there,... Read More

I definitely recommend going into it for the right reasons. Try something technical and see how you like it. Before I applied, I tried Flatiron's free online bootcamp prep course, which is how I discovered I really liked learning about code. Something employers look for is passion for code, so it's important to actually like coding before you start.

During the program: the experience was really amazing. I bonded really well with my cohort (50% male/ 50% female) and got a scholarship for women in tech. The instructors were very understanding, knowledgeable, and always wiling to help and mentor students. They all come from tech backgrounds, so they can tell you what it's like in the industry too. We learned Ruby as a backend language, and JavaScript and React on the frontend. This enabled me to get a freelance job working on the React frontend of a cancer research website. I've found that compared to people who studied CompSci in college, we got a TON of hands-on experience and importantly, we learned how to learn a new language. Both of these skills made me very marketable when it came to the job search.

After the program: The career coaches are very knowledgeable, encouraging, and keep you accountable in your job search. Since I was job searching in a new city, my career coach was a huge resource suggesting lots of job search activities.

Overall, a great experience and the results speak for themselves!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What financing options are offered by Flatiron School?

Flatiron School offers many financing options, such as Scholarships, Loan Financing, Deffered Payment, and Upfront Payments.

What courses are offered at Flatiron School?

There are many courses you can take at Flatiron School. These include Cybersecurity Engineering Immersive, Data Science, Flatiron School’s Learn Cybersecurity for Free. Sign Up., Flatiron School’s Learn Data Science for Free. Sign Up, Flatiron School’s Learn to Code for Free. Sign up, Flatiron School’s ‘Intro to Product Design’ lesson for free. Sign Up., Online Cybersecurity Engineering, +4 more.

Online Data Science, Online Software Engineering, Product Design (UX/UI), Software Engineering

What types of programs are offered at Flatiron School?

Flatiron School has Full-Time and Part-Time programs for students that can be taken online or in-person.

In these programs, students can learn from and take advantage of pair-programming exercises, labs & mini projects, mentorship, individual career coaching, and more.

What are the job outcomes for Flatiron School?

The average salary after graduation is $76,000 for on-campus grads and $72,000 for online grads, and 93% of alumni find a job.

Flatiron School alumni work at various tech companies, such as Microsoft, Glossier, Amazon Web Services, and more.

What is the application process at Flatiron School like?

Prospective students will need to submit an online form in order to apply to Flatiron School.

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