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Last Updated: October 22, 2019
2020 best coding bootcamp

A city-state located in the heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore is the financial and technological hub of the region. The city's Research, Innovation and Enterprise 2020 Plan (RIE) is investing heavily in development, particularly in tech. Singapore's robust economy is based in manufacturing, banking, transportation, and biomedical manufacturing. Skills in demand include UX, web analytics, digital marketing design, data analytics, and software engineering. A number of bootcamp programs in the city are addressing the skills shortage. Top-ranked Le Wagon focuses on intensive Full Stack courses in Data Structures, CSS, jQuery and other subjects for entrepreneurs.

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1. Le Wagon

Locations: Online, Amsterdam, Bali, Barcelona, Berlin, Bordeaux +32 More
Courses: Data Analytics - Full-Time, Data Analytics - Part-Time, Data Engineering - Full-Time, +5 More
Subjects: CSS, Data Science, HTML, JavaScript, Ruby +3 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Available Online
Flexible Classes

Le Wagon in Singapore offers nine- and 24-week full-stack bootcamps. If students need to move at their own pace, the 24-week part-time program is for them. At this time, Le Wagon does not offer scholarships for students; however, they do offer tuition payment assistance in the form of monthly installments.

2. Hackwagon Academy

4.66/5 (777 Reviews)
Locations: Singapore
Courses: Cyber Security 101, Data Science, Web Development
Subjects: CSS, Cyber Security, Data Science, Data Visualization, HTML +3 More

Students can seek data science, web design, and cybersecurity classes at HackWagon through seven-week courses in Singapore’s Bukit Merah. Meals are provided to students during each lesson, and the school offers career matching, networking, and digital certification that is compatible with LinkedIn.

3. Data Science Dojo

4.95/5 (133 Reviews)
Locations: Online, Albuquerque, Austin, Barcelona, NYC, Seattle +2 More
Courses: 5-Day Data Science Bootcamp, Data Science for Managers and Business Leaders, Introduction to Power BI, +2 More
Subjects: Algorithms, Data Science, Data Visualization, Hadoop, Machine Learning +2 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Available Online
Flexible Classes

Data Science Dojo has a five-day, 50-hour data science training bootcamp in Singapore at the SMU School of Economic and Social Science. Information technology professionals serve as instructors and mentors for in-person training, and students benefit from a hands-on curriculum and access to a large network of alumni and industry attendees.

4. NEXT Academy

4.57/5 (60 Reviews)
Locations: Kuala Lumpur, Singapore
Courses: Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamp, Front-End Web Development Bootcamp (Full-Time), Front-End Web Development Remote (Part-time)
Subjects: Algorithms, CSS, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Git +9 More

NEXT Academy Singapore offers part-time and full-time options to accommodate college students and working professionals. NEXT Academy students benefit from a diverse, international network of graduates, a reward-based referral program, personalized coding mentorship, and involved resume and portfolio assistance in job placement.

5. ALPHA Camp

4.86/5 (14 Reviews)
Locations: Online, Singapore
Courses: Full-time Full-Stack Web Development, Part-time Digital Marketing, Online Web Development Bootcamp - Foundation Module, +1 More
Subjects: AJAX, Algorithms, API, Bootstrap, CSS +16 More

ALPHA Camp offers full-time and part-time programs in Singapore, teaching students in 12 weeks the skills necessary to succeed in a technology career. Students can benefit from partnerships with companies like LinkedIn, Zalora, Glints, SGAG, GetAssured, and Honestbee, as well as learn valuable problem-solving skills and receive mentorship.

2020 Best Singapore Bootcamps received an average 4.80 of 5 based on 3766 reviews.

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