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By: SwitchUp
Last Updated: January 10, 2020

AJAX or “Asynchronous JavaScript + XML” is a broad group of web technologies that use existing tech languages including XHTML, CSS, Document Object Model and JavaScript to communicate to servers in the background through a developed web application. It was coined by interface developer and web designer Jesse James Garrett who developed these techniques to help website execute content without the constant need to refresh upon inclusion of additional web copy. Learning AJAX will help developers create web pages where users won’t be interrupted as information is transmitted to, and requested from, servers.

With a working knowledge of AJAX, you can expect to go into computer programming and web developing fields. Web developers see a higher than average growth rate with an expected 13 percent explosion in the next decade; meanwhile, computer programmers see a decline of 7 percent in the same timeframe. Computer Programmers can expect a median pay of $84,000 while web developers will see about $69,000 in the same year.

AJAX makes features like ratings, auto-filled text, and drop-down menus possible without the constant refreshing that would otherwise be necessary. With SwitchUp, interested learners can enroll in pertinent bootcamps to get the skills necessary to excel in the tech world. With a unique ranking system, SwitchUp provides all the details you need to make the right decision for your future.

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