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By: SwitchUp
Last Updated: January 21, 2020

Big Data is defined as a series of processes that deal with larger data sets that traditional data-processing application software finds too complex to deal with. It includes data storage, analysis, transfer, sharing and visualization. Currently, Big Data focuses on predictive analytics and user-side behavior. The defining properties of Big Data are five-fold: volume, velocity, variety, variability and veracity. Big Data is a big tent and classes to focus on it includes everything from artificial intelligence to cybersecurity and mobile data optimization, its truly a developer’s field.

So-called Big Data analysts can expect to take own nearly $35 an hour approximating $108,000 in annual income, according to PayScale data. Specific jobs include Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Engineer and Software Engineer among others. The field is ripe with innovation and is seeing a 14 percent growth rate over the next decade, which is considerably larger than other industries.

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