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By: SwitchUp
Last Updated: January 9, 2020

Succeeding as an information technology professional often requires skills beyond those directly stated in the job description. These include resume building, salary negotiation, and technical interviewing skills. Contributing to open-source projects is also an important part of many coders’ lives and careers. That’s why a number of coding bootcamps incorporate career coaching into their programs to help students build a stable and fulfilling career after graduating. These bootcamps may also place particular emphasis on job placement to help students take the first few steps on a new career path.

Bootcamps that incorporate career coaching span many technological fields, from web development to cybersecurity and machine learning. Most offer immersive beginner-to-developer curriculums, but the lengths and contents of these programs vary widely. Please browse the individual reviews, specific programs, course offerings, and community discussions to make an informed decision.

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