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By: SwitchUp
Last Updated: January 9, 2020

Docker is a tool that allows developers to create, deploy, and run applications. Using “containers,” a standardized unit that software can be packaged into, Docker allows developers to package their applications with all of its constituent parts so that it can run on any computing environment. Coursework in Docker includes operating the program, understanding and using containers, consistent developer environment, and local sharing.

Expertise in Docker is an asset when pursuing a career in software development. A software developer creates, builds, and fixes computer and web applications. The median salary in software development is $105,590, and the expected job growth by 2028 is 21 percent. Being proficient in Docker is also a sought after skill in app development. App developers design and create applications specific to smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smart watches. An app developer on average makes $103,620 each year, and this career is estimated to grow 26 percent by 2028.

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