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Last Updated: January 9, 2020

Network security encompasses preventing unauthorized intruders from accessing or damaging a private network. Network security is vital to protecting personal, corporate, and government networks from intrusion, misuse, and malware changes. Network security coursework teaches the fundamentals of protecting a network, which includes firewalls, network access control, virtual private networks, behavioral analytics, and intrusion prevention systems.

Studying network security can lead to a career in monitoring networks and installing security software in the role of an information security analyst. This job has a high predicted growth of 32% by 2028, and the average pay is $98,000. An education in network security is also vital to a career as a computer network architect. A network architect designs and creates data communication networks while ensuring the security of the system. The expected job growth for this career is 5% by 2028, and it carries a median salary of $109,000.

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