How to Learn Angular - 34 Bootcamps to Get You Started

By: The SwitchUp Team
Last Updated: January 10, 2020

Angular is a code-creating tool ranked among the most used technology tools of the past few years. With this frontend tool, programmers can create easily readable, maintainable and useful code. It helps provide developers with a framework for creating client-side web applications much more efficiently. Students of Angular take classes focusing on TypeScript to understand these robust tools. It is an open-source web application that has connections to Google, which many see as an added benefit.

Knowing Angular as a technique and framework to aid in creating and organizing code will help people excel in any tech-based field including software engineering, web developing, and computer programming. With the exception of computer programming which shows a slight decline over the next 10 years, the job outlook for web developers and software engineers is among the largest job growth rates in the nation.

With SwitchUp, finding a learning tool to teach the intricacies of Angular has never been made easier. SwitchUp provides a unique ranking system that accounts for cost, user reviews and availability to give interested professionals a tool for bettering their programming skills and making them more viable candidates for employers in the tech industry.

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