How to Learn Database Management - 12 Bootcamps to Get You Started

By: The SwitchUp Team
Last Updated: January 9, 2020

Database management is the storage, organization, and retrieval of data in a computer or network. Database management is used to ensure any data needed by a company is always readily available, safe and secure, and organized in a convenient and intuitive way. Data is a vital part of many businesses, and so knowing that it is safely managed and secure is essential. Coursework in database management provides learners with a solid foundation in database management systems, different formats of data, such as centralized and distributed, database automation, and blockchain technology.

Skillfulness in database management is an asset in pursuing a career in network and computer systems administration. A systems administrator installs, manages, and supports the computer network for a company to ensure its efficiency and reliability. The median salary for this job is $82,050 annually, and job growth is estimated to be five percent by 2028. Database management proficiency can also be helpful in becoming a computer and information systems manager. This role is responsible for installing and updating software and hardware, managing all IT and computing staff, and maintaining the computer system of the company. On average, this role pays $142,530 each year, and job growth is expected to be 11 percent by 2028.

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