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Last Updated: January 10, 2020

Pandas is the most popular Python library used for data analysis. Many Python data scientists and analysts agree that it’s the most important tool for Python data analysis. Through Pandas, it’s possible to dive much deeper into data by cleaning, transforming, and analyzing it. Pandas is built on top of the NumPy package, and data in Pandas is often used to feed statistical analysis in SciPy.

Pandas is used for analyzing data at many companies, including Apple, J.P. Morgan, ExxonMobil, Intuit, and others. Based on data from PayScale, Pandas, as a skill, makes it possible for data analysts to command a median salary of $70,000 and $140,000 at the senior or management level.

There are many immersive bootcamps and individual courses available for people who are interested in data analysis with Python and Pandas. Below is a list of courses and bootcamps that include Pandas, alongside information about the level of prior experience that might be necessary for each course, the material covered, and alumni reviews.

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