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By: SwitchUp
Last Updated: January 9, 2020

Statistics deals with analyses of the frequency of past events, while probability focuses on predicting the likelihood of future events. They are both branches of mathematics; statistics deals with application, while probability deals primarily with theory. Both are important in the fields of data science and data analysis. Classes in probability and statistics teach students how to sample and analyze data, various sampling methods, basic probability theory, statistical inference and modeling, and how to convey statistical information effectively and clearly.

Statistics and probability training is essential for those pursuing a career in data science. In 2018, computer research and information scientists earned a median wage of $118,370, and the employment of computer and information research scientists is projected to grow 16% from 2018 to 2028. Data science education can lead to jobs such as data analyst, data engineer, machine learning scientist, and data science generalist.

SwitchUp is an online platform that helps students find a technology, data science, or coding bootcamp that will help them pursue a career in the technology sector. Students who seek further education and training in probability and statistics should have strong math skills and analytical ability.

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