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By: SwitchUp
Last Updated: January 10, 2020

Scrum is a project management methodology that is used primarily for software development projects. Usually, software development teams apply Scrum with the goal of delivering new software capability every two to four weeks. Designed for teams with ten or fewer members, Scrum breaks goals into time-boxed periods called sprints, during which teams aim to complete a set amount of work. Sprints last no longer than one month, and progress is routinely evaluated and re-planned in short meetings.

Today, the people who benefit most from understanding Scrum are those in technical management roles. They may be called engineering team managers, IT managers, or technical project managers. Knowing Scrum in itself does not qualify a person for one of these management roles; however, for someone with several years of technical experience, it can be beneficial to become fluent in Scrum methodologies. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, technical managers earn an average wage of $142,000 per year, and 11 percent growth is expected in this area between 2018 and 2028, which is faster than the average expected growth of 5 percent across all occupations. It can also be useful for other members of technical teams to be on the same page about Scrum, which is why many bootcamps for software development beginners also include Scrum training.

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