Women in Tech: A Comprehensive Scholarship Guide

By: The SwitchUp Team
Last Updated: June 12, 2019

Women working in science, tech, engineering, and math (STEM) careers currently represent a mere 20% of the job force. This gender gap has been a longstanding issue within the tech community. As a result, bootcamps have begun offering scholarships specifically targeted at self-identified women to help bridge this divide.

SwitchUp takes pride in helping elevate the successes of women in these industries through Q + A’s, student spotlights and most importantly, through our resources. This comprehensive list makes it a bit easier for women to see the schools that are making gender diversity a priority. Scholarships, grants, and other opportunities are listed below. Let’s shatter the glass ceiling together!

Monetary Scholarships


The Scholarship: Women In Tech Scholarship Program

Amount: $150,000

Eligibility: GreyCampus launched the Women In Tech Scholarship Program for deserving women willing to pursue their career in Data Science or Full Stack Development. Scholarships worth $150,000 are available for 100 women around the world who are ready to go through either of the 6-month long immersive programs.

Hackbright Academy

The Scholarship: Phenomenal Women Scholarship

Amount: $8000

Eligibility: Two women applying for the Full-Time Software Engineering Program are eligible for this scholarship. Scholarship applicants will be evaluated based on a technical work sample and performance on the technical interview.

The Scholarship: New Relic Full Scholarship

Amount: Three full-ride scholarships plus an additional $5,000 for living expenses

Eligibility: Scholarship applicants must live in the Portland Metro area and be part of a diverse group of individuals including but not limited to women of color, LGBTQ community and any historically underrepresented groups in the field of computer science.

The Scholarship: Hackbright Prep

Amount: $1500

Eligibility: Students who’ve completed Hackbright Prep are eligible for a $1,500 discount off of their tuition (cannot be combined with any other promotional discounts or scholarships).

Alchemy Code Lab

The Scholarship: Women Who Code Portland

Amount: $5000

Eligibility: The scholarship is awarded quarterly to two women who are self-starters, forward-facing, and engaged in the community. Winners are selected by a Women Who Code Committee, and must first apply and obtain acceptance into Alchemy Code Lab’s program.

Ubiqum Code Academy

The Scholarship: Women Who Code

Amount: Deferred Tuition and a 25% Discount

Eligibility: Women between 22 and 30 years old, of Spanish nationality or with a work permit in the EU, with a college degree in Sciences or Engineering and with a medium/high level of English.


The Scholarship: Corporate Sponsorship

Amount $1,000 off tuition up to full-tuition

Eligibility: Available to Veterans, Women, or distinguished persons in financial need.

Bitmaker Labs

The Scholarship: Grace Hopper Scholarship for Women in Technology

Amount: $500 tuition deduction

Eligibility: Available to all women who participate in full-time programming courses.

Claim Academy

The Scholarship: Women In Tech Scholarship

Amount: $500

Eligibility: Automatic discount off the tuition of the Immersive Full Stack programs for any female applicant.


The Scholarship: Women in Tech

Amount: $5,000 or $2,500 off the full program tuition

Eligibility: For each Full-Stack program, Codeup offers one women $5,000, and two women $2,500 as part of the "Women in Tech" scholarship.

Coder Camps

The Scholarship: Women in Tech Scholarship

Amount: $1,000

Eligibility: Apply to Coder Camps Full-Stack or Data Science programs and receive this as part of your acceptance package.

General Assembly

The Scholarship: See Her Excel

Amount: $1,500 off tuition

Eligibility: Applicants must self-identify as a woman, transgender person, genderqueer, or non-binary person. They must be 18 or older and earn less than $40,000 per year. They must also have been admitted to one of the following full-time courses: Software Engineering Immersive, Software Engineering Immersive Remote, or Data Science Immersive

Helio Training

The Scholarship: Women in Tech Scholarship

Amount: Up to $1,000

Eligibility: Offer scholarships to women who are passionate about learning software development. Scholarships are available up to $1,000 for full-time bootcamps and up to $500 for part-time bootcamps. To qualify for this scholarship, applicants must submit a copy of their resume and 2 letters of recommendation, in addition to submitting an application.


The Scholarship: SheCanCode

Amount:1000 € EUR in Spain and $1,000 USD in the United States

Eligibility: Upfront scholarship available to women in tech applying to Ironhack’s Web Development program.


The Scholarship: Underrepresented Communities

Amount: $3000

Eligibility: A scholarship available for all women, underrepresented minorities, and veterans or members of the US military.

V School

The Scholarship: Discount

Amount: $500

Eligibility: Available to all women accepted into their programs.


The Scholarship: Discount

Amount: $1000

Eligibility: Available to any woman pursuing a career in technology.

Fullstack Academy

The Scholarship: Ada Lovelace Scholarship for Women

Amount: $1000

Eligibility: Awarded to all women at Fullstack Academy attending a full-time program to help with tuition costs.

Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy | Deferred Tuition

The Grace Hopper Program is an all women's program operating on what’s known as a deferred-tuition model, which means that instead of paying full tuition up front, students pay tuition only once they’ve found full-time work in software engineering. In addition, if you don’t find a job within one year of graduation, you don’t owe them a dime.

Grace Hopper "Track" Chicago at Fullstack Academy | Deferred Tuition

The Grace Hopper Track (CHI) offers a deferred-tuition model exclusively for women, which means that instead of paying full tuition up front, students pay tuition only once they’ve found full-time work in software engineering. In addition, if you don’t find a job within one year of graduation, you don’t owe them a dime. This environment is co-ed.

Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship (Lesbians Who Tech) | Half-Tuition Scholarship | $9,805

Fullstack Academy & the Grace Hopper Program in partnership with Lesbians Who Tech are funding 50% of a coding bootcamp tuition to encourage Gender Nonconforming and LGBTQ women to kickstart their careers in technology. Scholars must be members of Lesbians Who Tech and notify them that they want to apply their scholarship to our coding bootcamp.

Launch Academy

The Scholarship: Discount

Amount: $500

Eligibility: Available to any woman or individual underrepresented in software engineering.

Makers Academy

The Scholarship: Discount

Amount: £500

Eligibility: Available to any woman who is accepted into their programs.

The Software Guild

The Scholarship: Women in Tech Award

Amount: $2000

Eligibility: For eligible females who are admitted into the full-time, online coding bootcamp program or Louisville on-ground program.

Coding Dojo

The Scholarship: Women in Tech

Amount: $2000

Elibigility: Coding Dojo offers a limited number of partial scholarships for women participating in on-site bootcamps.


The Scholarship: Women Scholarship

Amount: $600 - $1000

Eligibility: Automatic $600 available for women alongside a variety of early registration discounts by submitting an application to the program.


The Scholarship: Girl Develop It Scholarship in Web Development

Amount: $1,000 off tuition

Eligibility. Self- identified women receive one of two monthly $1,000 scholarships for Bloc’s Full Stack Developer Track or Software Engineering Track. Winners are asked to blog about their Bloc experience for the duration of their program.

Percentage of Tuition


The Scholarship: Close the Gap Scholarship Fund

Amount: Up to 40% off tuition

Eligibility: Women applying for either the Part-Time Web Developer Track or Designer Track course can ask for this scholarship during the application process. Assistance from an advisor is required.

Coder Academy

The Scholarship: Women in Tech Scholarship

Amount: 30% of tuition fees

Eligibility: Available to one woman per campus per intake. There are three total scholarships awarded annually for those participating in the Fast Track bootcamp.

Devpoint Labs

The Scholarship: Women’s Scholarship

Amount: 50% off tuition

Eligibility: Eligible to women who apply to either the Full Time Web Dev or Front End Night Class.

Flatiron School

The Scholarship: Women Take Tech Initiative

Amount: 50% scholarship or $1,000

Eligibility: 50% scholarships available to women admitted to the Online Web Developer Program. $1,000 scholarships are available to every woman admitted to the NYC Software Engineering Immersive.

Code Fellows

The Scholarship: Diversity Scholarship Fund

Amount: 50-70% off tuition

Eligibility: Women, minorities, and veterans can apply once they've started their application for a Code Fellows course. It is an add-on to the general application, so be sure to ask for extra information.

Dev League

The Scholarship: Elevate Scholarship Fund

Amount: 25% of the Elevate Scholarship Fund is dedicated strictly to female applicants.

Eligibility: Given to outstanding females in the technology field. Awarded amounts vary.

Varying Amounts

General Assembly

The Scholarship: Opportunity Fund

Amount: Varies

Eligibility: All students interested in General Assembly’s Opportunity Fund scholarship must speak with a General Assembly admissions producer to apply. You cannot self-enroll in the Opportunity Fund. Upon acceptance to a course, students should ask their admissions producer for a fellowship application if interested.

Does your school have a scholarship for women you would like added to the list? Please email us at info@switchup.org!

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